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New colors! The new and unique rubber compound, 100% made in Germany, creates previously unknown grip and rebound characteristics. The feel is soft, yet very defined and precise. The GE1 is specifically developed around the demands of gravity and enduro riding. These 2 specific styles of mountain biking have riders gripping the handlebars very wide while the elbows are kept bent. This aggressive riding position dictates the construction of the grip. The result? The grip itself is able to prevent typical issues of arm pump in the arms and hands. 

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  • New unique in-house produced Factory rubber compound.
  • Design to be used on the wide handlebars found on most gravity mtbs.
  • Textured zones orientated against the direction of rotation of the hand.
  • Lightweight high quality inboard aluminum clamp.
  • Built-in handlebar plug.
  • Right and Left specific grips, which are also Top and Bottom specific.
  • 135mm length
  • 32mm average diameter
  • 119 grams for the set

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Eddie Clark

I've been mountain biking for over 30 years and am also a professional mountain biking photographer, and out of all the different grips I've used these are my favorite by a long shot. The only grips you'll see on my bike!

Best Grips

Awesome grips, ran the non-factory version previously I like the factory version more, bit squishier rubber and feel more absorbent of vibration on heavy long descents. Could see how people say they might not hold up as long, but we’ll see and not too worried either way. Ergon grips are the best for sure!

Rubber peeled off plastic core.

They were great until my first mild crash on em. The rubber peeled off and exposed the white rubber core underneath. I think the rubber is far too soft for enduro/downhill riding, where you are inevitably going to go down. The rubber needs to withstand the abuse they're going to get. I am going to try the regular GE1 Evo grips to see if that harder rubber will last longer.

Kadhir Alvarado
Love it

And love the grips! I think I found my permanent grips for life

Mario Garcia
My hands do not get tired anymore

It is incredible but I used to not be able to move my fingers, especially the left hand, after a longer downhill ride (anything more than 2.5k) but that stopped with these grips. I'm not sure how but after I installed them, I did 11k of downhill with a couple of breaks in between but at the end of the ride, my hands were not bothering me at all. Love these grips. They look amazing too. I bought two pairs because I knew they would go out of stock soon and I'm so glad I did.