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The Comfort MTB saddle for Men featuring Gel Pads. Based on the popularity and success of the SM Men saddle series comes additional models for 2020, which are further refined for even more comfort! Versus the SM Men, the SMC Series has thicker orthopedic foam, is softer and creates a large contact area. The SMC features a flat profile for dynamic sitting in different positions without tilting effects.

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  • Comfort MTB saddle for Men
  • Saddle shell made of Nylon Composite
  • CroMo rails, 7x7
  • Microfiber cover
  • Orthopedic Comfort Foam with Gel Pads
  • S/M fit sit-bone width of 9-12cm
  • M/L fits sit-bone width of 12-16cm
  • 220 lb recommended max rider weight limit

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 18 reviews
      Very comfortable Saddle!

      I put this on my Fat bike.
      It is a plush saddle but very rideable for the up hill.
      Comfortable and supportive!
      I might try it on my touring bike.....not sure yet?

      Meh. Mix Bag

      While this looks cool, I've encountered an interesting and annoying problem: had a brand new, rather spendy Specialized bike built with a supplied Roval Terra carbon seat post and one of these Ergon Gel saddles. It's pretty comfortable and matches my bike. However, the seat creaks like a $50 plastic bike from Walmart. I thought it might be the flex in the seatpost or the hardware - and it might be contributing to it - but on 3 occasions now, I've grabbed the seat to move the bike just after riding it, and it makes the exact same sound it does while riding it. I don't believe this was an intended feature and I find it annoying. No, I am not overweight and a daily biker.

      Ronald Junio
      Great Products

      Awesome seat, spent hours riding and riding, and riding. Get the point?

      Eduardo Martinez
      Pretty good, the search is finally over

      So far, from what I've been told, my dad at 56 years of age, whom I am trying to get into exercise through biking, likes it. It's a big step above others that I've had him try. Money was definitely well spent. He rides 2x a week for around 40 minutes to an hour.

      D B
      Single favorite upgrade

      Great seat! Massive improvement over the stock Bontrager saddle on my Slash. Very supportive uphill with no pressure points. Doesn't get in the way on the descents. Try it out.