GS1 for Twist Shift

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The Twist Shift option lets riders fit the GS1 to their Grip Shift or 1x equipped mountain bikes.  An adapter is also included so the rider can customize the length of the grip.  Winner of 6 Leadville 100's, countless World Cup XC races and Stage Races, the GS Series was developed as the go-to mtb/xc/marathon grip series in the Ergon grip model line.  The GS1, which includes no bar end, has become the racer's grip of choice in Europe and N. America.  Lightweight and streamlined for speed, the GS1 offers comfort and support for the hands, all while not hindering performance.

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  • German made lightweight Direct Control rubber compound.
  • Latex free and UV stable.
  • Soft flexible wing.
  • 2 Internal supports tuned for rebound and control.
  • Clamp made of lightweight aircraft aluminum.
  • Rubber spacer included to customize the length of the grip.
  • Available for Grip Shift or 1x.
  • Light weight at only 140 gr.


The GS1 for Twist Shift is only offered in one size.

Grip Shift: 2 short grips
1x: 1 full length Left grip, 1 short Right Grip

Customer Reviews

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Wonderful grip for short handlebar

Just like what the title mention. Hopefully there will be a dual twist version of GS2 or GS3 to make my ride more enjoying

ergonomic improvement

I purchased these grips for my wife, who was suffering from numbness and tingling in her hands when she rode her hybrid bicycle. The new grips were easy to install and fit perfectly. It's a bit early to say that the numbness is completely gone, but so far it has not reoccurred.
I also use Ergon grips (Biocork GP3) on my own bicycle and they have completely eliminated any riding discomfort in my hands as well.


Great product. Have on 3 bikes

Grip Shift

Added it to my SRAM Grip Shifter looks great and works perfect.

GS-1 for Grip Shift

My hand discomfort was greatly reduced after installing my GS-1 grips. Noticeable during the first ride!