BT Gravel

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NEW! Ergonomic handlebar tape for all drop bar disciplines.

  • Thickness of 3.5 mm for gravel use.
  • Made of EVA foam which offers optimal durability, high pressure distribution and low weight.
  • Reduces hand discomfort in all road cycling disciplines.
  • Supports increased vibration damping or more direct feedback from the riding surface.
  • Anti-slip surface texture.
  • Built-in wrapping guide for thinner or thicker wrapping.
  • Wrap in two directions – for increased grip or more freedom of movement.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Bekah Rottenberg
BT Gravel Tape is truly unbelievable!

Hi added the BT Gravel tape to my bike prior to doing a 70 mile mixed surface road. Part of the mixed surface was the chunkiest gravel you can imagine and legit single track shredding. While my friends were all complaining about hand pain, I was smiling ear to ear. The bar tape allowed me to not only focus on the trail, but enjoy it more because my hands didn't hurt!

Jeff Kerkove
Bar tape perfection!

This bar tape got me thru 350 miles of gravel at Unbound XL with absolutely no hand discomforts. That speaks for itself! Grab some now.....literally!

Andy W
Awesome Bar Tape

Super comfortable, durable and easy to wrap. Would definitely recommend.

Chris Cosentino
Bar tape gravel

Nice grip and hand feel
Great option for grip style and love the thickness