Ergonomic Grips

More comfort, more control and more fun. Experience the difference with Ergon Bike Grips. Whether you tour, commute, race, mountain bike or just send it, we've got the perfect grips made to enhance hand comfort and performance and to make your rides beyond better!
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Comfort / Touring / Fitness Grips

This is where it all began at Ergon. Over twenty years ago our original winged grip designs started the comfort grip revolution. Select the perfect grip for the way you ride – touring, comfort, hybrid, e-Bike, commuting, bikepacking or even heavy cargo bikes. Ergonomic wing shaped grips reduce hand pressure, eliminate nerve pain and finger numbness while adding extra support for the wrist.

Mountain / Trail Grips

The perfect grip selection for all-round mountain and trail riding. GA series grips feature an ergonomic shape that closely conforms to the palm for improved comfort and reduced hand pain or finger numbness. Grip versions with integrated mini wing further reduce hand pressure while adding wrist support for extra comfort and added control. German made soft rubber compounds deliver precise control in dry or wet conditions and all-day riding fun.

XC / Endurance Grips

Ergonomic grips built for comfort whether you’re a World Cup XCO speedster or laying down the miles in a mountain bike marathon or ultra-distance bikepacking event.  From super-light models geared for comfort and control at race-pace to winged shaped grips that reduce fatigue, hand pressure and numbness over rugged, days-long events – our ergonomic grips guarantee ultimate comfort on course.

Enduro Grips

Purpose-built for the rugged terrain and insane mountain courses of the Enduro World Series and beyond. Ergonomic shapes designed to reduce arm pump, hand pain and cramping on sustained rough descents with soft, German made rubber compounds and specially developed surface textures delivering pin-point control and absolute adhesion in wet or dusty dry conditions.

Downhill / Gravity Grips

Built to cushion big hits and provide maximum control on the World Cup DH circuit or while shredding laps on your home mountain. Soft German-made rubber compounds and ergonomic shapes are dialed-in for hand comfort and precise control when the course drops away and the trees are flashing by at warp speed.  Ride the grips of World Champion Vali Höll and Canyon CLLCTV speedster Troy Brosnan.