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The GE1 is specifically developed around the demands of gravity and enduro riding. These 2 specific styles of mountain biking have riders gripping the handlebars very wide while the elbows are kept bent. This aggressive riding position dictates the construction of the grip. The result? The grip itself is able to prevent typical issues of arm pump in the arms and hands. 

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  • Design to be used on the wide handlebars found on most gravity mtbs.
  • Two rubber compounds for a tuned feel.
  • Textured zones orientated against the direction of rotation of the hand.
  • Lightweight high quality inboard aluminum clamp.
  • Built-in handlebar plug.
  • Right and Left specific grips, which are also Top and Bottom specific.
  • 135mm length
  • 32mm average diameter
  • 119 grams for the set
  • No removable end plug

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Good grip for short to mid range rides

Great grip and shape is really formed to how your hands naturally grasp the bars. I say these work best for shorter rides or rides where you are actively steering and maneuvering with your bars a lot (such as mtb). I found that on long rides where you lean a lot of weight onto your hands these grips can be a little thin and your hands can get sore/numb.

Daniel Chavez
Great feeling

Love these grips

Would rather fight than switch.

Grips are subjective. You like what you like. I like THESE. From their subtly ergonomic contours that always seem to let me pull or push, to the material from which they’re made. It always seems to be tacky, no matter what the temp or conditions. These go on every bike, every time.

eric young
Very comfy

Good lateral palm support

I like it.

Haven't had these grips for too long. But, as new grips, they are very comfortable and provide ample grip.