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The GFR1 has been developed to meet the expectations and wishes of gravity superstar Tahnée Seagrave and her colleagues at Canyon [CLLCTV] FMD Racing. The new GFR1 has a slim overall shape for maximum feedback, yet still provides an extremely high level of damping through the ribbed section under the palm. The lower gripping zone is aggressive to keep gripping forces at a minimum when lifting the front wheel. The slim inner stop further assists in finding the right hand position while still providing free shifter access. The high-strength alloy clamps on the inside keeps the grip from twisting, even on carbon bars. Factory rubber provides incredible grip and rebound properties. The grip feels soft but still super defined and precise.

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  • Designed for Freeride, Pump Track, BMX and other gravity formats
  • German made premium Factory rubber compound
  • Slim overall shape (30mm)
  • High-tensile inner clamp made of aluminum
  • Carbon bar compatible
  • Inner stop assists in finding the right hand position on the bars

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Kyle Williams
Best grips out there.

I was just buying 2 more pairs of these for my other bikes because they are so good. They are very thin for great bike feel and control but still comfortable.

Adam Catbagan
Love everything but the bar ends...

Grips are great and look amazing on my Yeti SB130. But, wish the bar end caps were made from a stronger material. Brushed up against a rock and they took a pretty good hit.

Nice quality, but not the feel I'm after.

These look like high quality grips, but the ribs on top are not for me. I will try another style next time.

Color not what it seems/Absorption minimal

Probably should have guessed this by the name of the color (Frozen Stealth), but the black is more a grey due to the translucency.

Comfort is average. Not the best for rocky/bumpy terrain. Would have like to seen more absorption.

Grip is decent.

Probably should have stayed with the GE1 evo

Bekah Rottenberg
Never have I loved a grip more

With the new GFR1 grips, once I grab ahold of my bars, I don't really want to let go. For the first time I even enjoy riding without gloves. The ripped texture under the palms reduces sweat build up and provides just the right amount of cushion and grip. But the real game changer for me are the ribs at the back of the grip at the finger contact points. While climbing, I love feeling those ribs beneath my fingers! They give me something to tug against and just feel really good! Excellent grip!