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The ergonomic saddle revolution for comfort bikes ensures maximum long distance comfort for men and women. The floating TwinShell concept, featuring CORE 3D®, supports the natural pelvic movements while pedaling, actively relieves the sit bones, and reliably dampens bumps caused by the riding surface. CORE 3D® consists of the latest E-TPU materials, bringing state of the art technology in responsiveness and damping. The anatomically adapted seating area has been optimized in elaborate studies and field tests for men and women. Thanks to the significant relief channel, numbness and pain are effectively prevented. The ST Core saddle is tailored in detail to the needs and requirements of touring and ebike riders around the world.

Online Saddle and Size Selector

    • CroMo rails,  7x7
    • CORE 3D® made of Closed Cell Particle Foam (E-TPU)
    • MicroFiber cover
    • Padding made of Orthopedic Comfort Foam
    • Gender specific shapes and relief channels
    • Available in 2 sizes
    • Gender specific designs
    • S/M fit sit-bone width of 9-12 cm
    • M/L fits sit-bone width of 12-16 cm
    • 308 lb max rider weight limit

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 14 reviews
    Tony Meyers
    Great saddle

    Firm with just the right amount of give

    Joseph Blichfeldt
    Ergon ST

    Very comfortable on my Trek Fuel EXE.

    JB from AZ
    Amazing saddle for bike packing/touring

    I just took this saddle on a 5 day bike packing adventure in the Utah Canyonlands and just kept falling more and more in love with this saddle. I wish I would have gotten it when I got into bike packing a few years ago. I used to end up with a really sore bum after a couple of days if there was a lot of in the saddle pedaling, but I have had absolutely no issues with this saddle. I did that whole trip, plus the few hundred miles of prep beforehand just absolutely loving this saddle. The wide fit and Core padding adds so much comfort to my hardtail that I'm just going to leave the saddle on even for "normal" trail riding.
    I gave it such high recommendations that 2 of my buddies also bought different versions of Cores saddles (SMC) and are complete converts as well.
    If you're into any sort of long distance touring, bike packing, or just high mileage pedaling you will not be disappointed with this saddle. Just make sure you get the appropriate size for your bum and enjoy the comfort.

    Kirk Ankrom
    Bike seat

    Still hoping for a break in period,,seat feels good for about 15 miles but then gets me sore after that..

    Kevin Ankrom
    Out of the box READY

    To each their own...I am 6'4" and 220lbs so as a rider its been hard to find a good saddle.

    I got this saddle and this is my 8th try to find the "golden challis" of saddles that would work for me. Typically I ride 20/30 miles every day and although other saddles have worked for 10/15 miles they all seem to bother me at or around the 20-mile mark. Out of the box, this ST Core Prime Saddle was the best I have ever used. The saddle felt great on the first ride and although I still need to dial it in a bit more, and typically ride 3/4 times more to break it in fully I was able to ride 20 miles on the first ride with no perennial or sit bone issues.

    The saddle also felt very good as I was able to sit in one place for most of the ride. The first thing I noticed about the saddle was the dampening effect the seat gave me during the rough part of my route and when I got to the smooth roads it was giving me support to put good force into my pedals without feeling like the saddle was too soft. I am definitely looking forward to having this saddle on my bike and riding in comfort with a relatively light saddle set up.