BT Road Bar Tape

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Ergonomic handlebar tape for all drop bar disciplines.

  • Thickness of 2 mm for road use.
  • Length: 2100 mm
  • Made of EVA foam which offers optimal durability, high pressure distribution and low weight.
  • Reduces hand discomfort in all road cycling disciplines.
  • Supports increased vibration damping or more direct feedback from the riding surface.
  • Anti-slip surface texture.
  • Built-in wrapping guide for thinner or thicker wrapping.
  • Wrap in two directions – for increased grip or more freedom of movement.
  • BT Bar Tape wrapping Instructions.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Eric Smith
Great quality and easy to wrap

The tape has prefect texture. I wish it was a bit longer but this seems to be a problem with all tape.

Nick R
Very comfortable

Very comfortable bar tape. Easy to grip for long distances and even in wet conditions hands do not slip off the bars. Have not experienced and tingling or numbness since putting on Ergon Road Bartape.