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How it all began! Ergon’s original and ground breaking GP1 continues to set the standards for grip technology in the bicycle industry. Offering optimal pressure distribution throughout the hands, the GP1 helps solve common hand issues caused by cycling; numb hands, sore wrists, sore forearms, etc.  The GP1 is ideal for urban riders, commuters, and leisure cyclists of all ages.

  • German made rubber compound, latex free, UV stable.
  • Right and Left specific grips.
  • Forged aluminum clamps.
  • Available in 2 sizes.
  • Available in 3 shifter styles/configurations.

Online Grip and Size Selector

Offered in Small or Large, this is the thickness of the grip in hand.  The Small and Large are the same length and have the same wing size.  The only difference is the thickness of the grip in hand.  Riders with smaller hands are best to choose the Small size.  Riders with large hands are an ideal fit to the Large size. Ultimately, choice of size is a rider personal preference.

Standard: 2 full length grips
GripShift: 2 short grips
Nexus/Rohloff: 1 full length Left grip, 1 short Right grip

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Kevin Boyle

I have added the Ergon GP1 all my
offroad bikes , my XC Mountain bike , My Endoro
As well as 2 pivot Shuddle E bikes that I purchased to turn people on to riding .
I think they are amazing for both novice riders as well more dynamic riders it’s simple larger surface area equals less impact .
I can’t imagine doing a 5 thousand foot dissent with out these grips . Also the quality of manufacturing and Grubber is excellent ! Worth every penny

GO1 grips

I like these. I have them on two bikes. They are more comfortable for me. They don’t hamper riding aggressively.

Ted Broussard
Easy on the wrists

Just what I needed after breaking both wrists last year. Comfortable and secure.

Larinda Lindholm
Great Product

I've been running thesrs on my mtb for several years. One of the best addotions I've made. Eliminated wrist pain frome day one. Also for me added better control. I'll always have these on my bikes!

Rick Stark
Grips r Great

Much less stress on my injured hand. And plenty of grip.