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The GP3 BioKork offers a different feel thanks to the use of natural cork, while offering all the ergonomic advantages of it's little brother, the GP3. The 3-finger angle adjustable bar end offers an additional hand position, and non-slip rubber inserts for a sure grip in all conditions.

Online Grip and Size Selector

  • Barend size 3 finger, 50mm
  • Barend made of lightweight Nylon-Composite (GFK) with rubber inserts
  • Carbon bar compatible
  • Compatible with bar-plug style mirrors.
  • 40% cork sourced from sustainable forests in Portugal.
  • Inner core made of compressed grass fibers.
  • Rubber palm section of the grip is vegetable oil based.
  • German made rubber compound, latex free, UV stable.
  • Right and Left specific grips.
  • Available in 2 sizes.
  • Available in 2 shifter styles/configurations.
  • Off-road MTB use not recommended.

Offered in Small or Large, this is the thickness of the grip in hand.  The Small and Large are the same length and have the same wing size.  The only difference is the thickness of the grip in hand.  Riders with smaller hands are best to choose the Small size.  Riders with large hands are an ideal fit to the Large size. Ultimately, choice of size is a rider personal preference.

Standard: 2 full length grips
Nexus/Rohloff: 1 full length Left grip, 1 short Right grip

Why bar ends?
Barends offer the rider additional hand positions.  Bar ends also allow greater leverage when pulling on the handlebars.  Ergon offers its bar ends in various length to suit the demands of all riders.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Great grip shape - splits often though

The shape of these is great and can't be faulted, supporting your palm, preventing any ulna issues and giving the option of other positions with the bar ends.

However I've constantly had to glue the trailing edge back together where the biokork has split on both mine and my son's grips. I've ended up patching his with Sugru too as it split away quite drastically whilst touring and I didn't have any glue at the time so some of the split edge crumbled off. I'm using a neoprene flexible & waterproof repair glue, it works for a fair amount of time before having to redo.

Diane Davis
Great handlebar grips but...

Accidentally knocked the horn off one of the grips when I dropped the bike, now it tends to come off despite maximum tightening. Had to resort to superglue gel. So far so good. Love the grips, and would definitely buy them again.