IP3 Solestar

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For optimal performance on the bike, leg power needs to be effectively converted into propulsion. IP3 Solestar insoles support and stabilize the power flow from the legs along the feet straight to the pedals. Due to the patented Stabilization Delta, a natural position of the foot is achieved through three points resulting in an efficient and comfortable motion sequence while pedaling.  Gone are the days of multiple insole options to solve various foot issues.  The IP3 Solestar is one insole to treat a multitude of foot discomforts and optimize power transfer.

    • Fiber Glass Composite Shell with Orthopedic EVA foam padding and Antibacterial Carbon Mesh top cover.
    • Designed to stabilize the foot for better power transfer to the pedals making for increased pedal efficiency
    • 100 grams per pair
    • 3-Point stabilization delta holds foot in a more natural position for more comfort and power
    • Works with all cycling shoes that have a removable insole.
    • Made in Germany