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The MTB saddle for Men. The do-all mtb saddle for xc, endurance, bikepacking, and trail riding. Comfort is maximized through the anatomically optimized relief channel in the sensitive perineal area and orthopedic comfort padding. The flattened rear and the Y-shape guarantee freedom of movement when in the moderate riding position typical for mountain biking.

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  • Saddle shell made of nylon composite
  • CroMo rails
  • Microfiber cover
  • Orthopedic Comfort Foam
  • Topeak QuickClick provided
  • S/M fit sit-bone width of 9-12cm
  • M/L fits sit-bone width of 12-16cm
  • 305 gr
  • 220 lb recommended max rider weight limit

Customer Reviews

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I replaced my 5 years old saddle and was worried if the new one would work the same. It’s more, it’s just perfect. Fits perfect, perfect quality, no pain anymore
No other saddle!

Shawn D Tuner
Very nice upgrade.

I love this seat. Firm but just soft enough in the right places. Surprisingly durable. Went over the bars on asphalt, bike flipped and slid on the seat and bars. Grip locks got shaved. Smashed my trigger shift display. Seat looked like I just took it out of the package. 🀘😎

Elliot Landry
Mu butt is happy

#nochammygang #ergon4life

Riding in Comfort

This saddle is just what i needed. Once i put it on i never looked back. Great saddle for those long days on the trail.

John White
Surprisingly comfortable

I'm a new mountain biker. I started last year when a friend gave me a '95 Barracuda. Of course I've ridden bikes, over the years but it was never a passion primarily because I could never find a comfortable saddle. So now in the midst of the lockdown I've got the wherewithal to get out of the house on a bike so I do. The old saddle problems pop up again, that 'Cuda had a decades old women's model 'memory foam' number on it. Did a bit of research bought the Ergon after doing the sit bone discovery process with a turkish towel and tinfoil (who knew?). This is far and away the most comfortable bike seat I've ever had. It is slightly demanding in that you needs be centered when you're sat down but I've adjusted to that. Had this seat been around when I was a bit younger, I might have become more interested in biking back then. Good design, good product. This model of seat will be on all my bikes henceforth. Oh, by the way, I'm sixty-eight years old and thus is my bum a good and finicky test bed for a bike saddle.