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The comfort MTB saddle for Men featuring Core and TwinShell technology. Based on the popularity and success of the SMC Men saddle series comes additional models featuring Ergon's Core and TwinShell technology! The patented Core design allows the saddle to effortlessly follow pelvic movements – enormously reducing pressure on the sit bones and genital area. The new SMC Core brings Core comfort to your favorite trails!

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  • Comfort MTB saddle for men
  • Saddle shell made of Nylon Composite
  • Core made of BASF Infinergy® (E-TPU/Closed Cell Particle Foam)
  • CroMo rails, 7x7
  • Microfiber cover
  • Orthopedic Comfort Foam
  • S/M fit sit-bone width of 9-12cm
  • M/L fits sit-bone width of 12-16cm
  • 220 lb recommended max rider weight limit
  • Uses: Comfort MTB, Comfort Trail, Bikepacking, Off-Road Touring, Gravel

"Ergon’s TwinShell Core design intent is noticeable, especially when riding a hardtail mountain bike, and could make a great saddle option for anyone looking to wean their way off of the chamois. Does it flex and shift as Ergon claims? It sure does!" -

Customer Reviews

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Michael Thompson
No Pads

Purchased this seat to see if I could ride comfortably on long rides without padded shorts. So far no problem after many mtb rides up to 40 miles. Great buy!

Matthew Rausch
Best seat I have tried

Added this seat to my full suspension giant anthem 2 after reading a review from Great seat, firm but forgiving. Huge upgrade from the stock seat. 150 is expensive but once I rode with it on the bike, no regrets, totally worth it.

Great product.

For some reason all MTB saddles hurt me. I though this one was going to also. But I was wrong. Very comfortable. It allows me to put down power into the pedals more. Must have.

Craig K.
No more saddle sores!

My previous seat seemed to be causing me a lot of saddle sores. No matter the distance I rode, the old seat seemed to be my biggest limiting factor. Since I've moved to the SMC Core, those issues are now gone! I'm free to ride as long as I want now with no more discomfort. I've got the seat on a hybrid bike and do about 30-50 miles per day over mostly paved/light gravel rail trails. It can take some time to get a new bike seat adjusted properly, but after about a week or so of fine tuning, now the seat pretty much disappears and I can focus on other things during my ride. Overall I am extremely happy with the seat and would recommend it without hesitation. Kudos to Jeff at the USA office who spent a long time on the phone with me discussing my needs and riding style to make the perfect recommendation for this seat! It seemed like I was buying from a company that really cared about its customers being happy.

So Far... So Good!

This is just my opinion based on a very brief experience so far.

Over the last couple of seasons I've been on the hunt for a more comfortable saddle for longer rides. I've purchased saddles from WTB, Brooks, Selle Anatomica, and SQ Labs. None of these other saddles have been able to provide the level of comfort the SMC Core. Some of the other saddles are pretty comfortable for 30-60 minutes, but after that I always seemed to develop some sort of discomfort.

I received the saddle last week on Thursday. I installed it on Friday and rode around the street for initial adjustments. Then on Saturday, I went and did a 2.5 hour gravel/adventure ride. I ended that ride with no discomfort ready to go another round.

Saddles are a super personal thing, but this one has worked for me.

Setup Info:
Rider Weight: 160lbs.
Rider Height: 6"1" (185cm)
Inseam: 32in
Bike: CX frame setup with a flat bar for bikepacking/gravel.
Typical Riding Conditions: Lots of time in the saddle spinning the pedals on gravel and dirt roads in VT.