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In some situations people simply need more hand positions. Employing the much proven ergonomic grip body of the GP1, the GP5 introduces a hollow formed composite reinforced ergonomically shaped bar end. Featuring rubberized inserts for positive grip, like all of Ergon’s bar ends, it can be independently positioned relative to the grip and acts as the clamp preventing accidental rotation. The grip itself is available in two sizes.  The GP5 is Ergon's largest barend offering.

Online Grip and Size Selector

  • Barend size multi-position, 110mm
  • Barend made of lightweight Nylon-Composite (GFK) with rubber inserts
  • Compatible with bar-plug style mirrors.
  • German made rubber compound, latex free, UV stable.
  • Right and Left specific grips.
  • Available in 2 sizes.
  • Available in 3 shifter styles/configurations.
  • NOT compatible with carbon handlebars

Offered in Small or Large, this is the thickness of the grip in hand.  The Small and Large are the same length and have the same wing size.  The only difference is the thickness of the grip in hand.  Riders with smaller hands are best to choose the Small size.  Riders with large hands are an ideal fit to the Large size. Ultimately, choice of size is a rider personal preference.

Standard: 2 full length grips
GripShift: 2 short grips
Nexus/Rohloff: 1 full length Left grip, 1 short Right grip

Why bar ends?
Bar ends offer the rider additional hand positions.  Bar ends also allow greater leverage when pulling on the handlebars.  Ergon offers its bar ends in various length to suit the demands of all riders.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Quintin Mattingly

I went on a short trip 60 miles +/-. The additional positions for my hands was nice.

Jim Lyon
Hand Comfort

These are the solution for sore hand prevention while cycling.

Jerry Cooper
Ergon GP5

Grips are well designed, but turned out not to be long enough. I am using them on my Roll bicycle indoors with a a Saris trainer. I am 72 and lost some of my flexibility over time. I don’t want to bend over towards the handle bars as I peddle. I have ordered another pair of extensions for the handle bars to make the reach easier. If Ergon had something loner I would have gone there first.

David B
Looks Nice and Seems Sturdy

Bought a pair of these for my Specialized Sirrus X looking for more comfortable positions to place my hands during rides. Not only do these grips look great, but the extra wing of rubber widening support for the palm has totally changed the ride. I couldn't be happier and I suspect these will last a very long time. I accidentally tipped my bike over in garage and these were one of the first parts to land hard on the concrete. To my amazement, everything was still in perfect shape. Highly recommend!

Eric Jordan
Really, really good grips (when/if you can get them)

I have a pair of these for one of my bikes, they are simply outstanding. They really can take the weight off your hands and really help on long rides. I've never had a problem with fitment or had them come loose. These might be one of Ergon's best products.

The only problem I have with them is I would like to get another set for a second bike I have and for the last nine months, they have been sold out. I've put in e-mail alerts to notify me of when they become available, but I haven't gotten any word. I suppose COVID has really messed up the supply chain.