BT Gravel Bar Tape

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Ergonomic handlebar tape for all drop bar disciplines.

  • Thickness of 3.5 mm for gravel use.
  • Length: 2300 mm
  • Made of EVA foam which offers optimal durability, high pressure distribution and low weight.
  • Reduces hand discomfort in all drop bar disciplines.
  • Supports increased vibration damping or more direct feedback from the riding surface.
  • Anti-slip surface texture.
  • Built-in wrapping guide for thinner or thicker wrapping.
  • Wrap in two directions – for increased grip or more freedom of movement.
  • BT Bar Tape wrapping Instructions.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Jake D.
Very cushy and comfortable

Love the bar tape. Probably the best out there. I didn't know how thin my old bar tape was until I put this stuff on. Also, probably the best finishing tape I've ever used. In fact the only finishing tape I've ever used. No garish logos, just classy black. Looking forward to many miles with happy hands.

Kevin Shaw
Tape is too short and resulting wrap is bumpy

Overall, this is a really great tape, and I would buy again. The rubberized surface is super grippy, and the thick foam makes for a very comfortable bar.
Unfortunately, with a 48cm bar with short reach, shallow drop, there was just barely enough wrap, even when wrapping with only 1/3 overlap recommended in the video. With the recommended 1/3 overlap, the tape is bumpy where the tape overlaps, a minor annoyance. The tape looks and feels best with 1/2 overlap, but there's nowhere near enough tape to wrap that way.

Kori Marchowsky
Nice but wish it was longer

I just wrapped my gravel bars with this tape. I love the color and feel and am excited to test it out. Two suggestions for Ergon: 1) make it longer! I added some Redshift top grips to my bars and even with wrapping these super tight there wasn't enough tape. It'll work (I added some old tape to the middle to finish it up) but would be way better if the actua tape ws 20 cm longer and 2) the end caps are junk and don't hold the tape. I ordered some quality end caps that should solve this problem but Ergon should provide better end caps. But the tape itself is super nice.

Andrew Onermaa
My New Go To

I've tried a lot of bar tape over the years looking for the right balance of comfort, grip, durability and style -- finally found it.

Mark K
Great Grip and Padding - Hard to Tuck into Bar Ends

I really like the grip and padding provided by this tape, especially for gravel ride. I did find that I could not tuck the tape into the bar ends and get the provide plugs to hold it in place. The provided plugs were just too small. Maybe my bar diameter is larger than the bars in the video? So I just cut off the tape flush with the bar end, and then added some electrical tape to cover the cut, tucked the electrical tape in, and used larger diameter bar end plugs. Not pretty but working.