GE1 Evo

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Fresh new colors! The GE1 is specifically developed around the demands of gravity and enduro riding. These 2 specific styles of mountain biking have riders gripping the handlebars very wide while the elbows are kept bent. This aggressive riding position dictates the construction of the grip. The result? The grip itself is able to prevent typical issues of arm pump in the arms and hands. 

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  • Design to be used on the wide handlebars found on most gravity mtbs.
  • Two rubber compounds for a tuned feel.
  • Textured zones orientated against the direction of rotation of the hand.
  • Lightweight high quality inboard aluminum clamp.
  • Built-in handlebar plug.
  • Right and Left specific grips, which are also Top and Bottom specific.
  • 135mm length
  • 32mm average diameter
  • 119 grams for the set

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
John Fontana
Best grips

I’ve been riding mtb for over 20 years by far the best grips I’ve ever owned!!!

michael dyer
Best grips out there

Love these grips. Super comfortable, best grips out there, contoured to the hand...must have for your MTB!!!

Will Myers
Awesome grips

Great grips, amazing quality!

Josh Lawrence
Great grips and no wrist pain

These grips are extremely comfortable and provide the extra support needed for those longer days on the bike. When descending they provide excellent grip even in the sweatiest conditions. If you're not a glove person then they are a great selection.

lucio paolini

Feel great
Nice tacky compound