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How it all began! Ergon’s original and ground breaking GP1 continues to set the standards for grip technology in the bicycle industry. Offering optimal pressure distribution throughout the hands, the GP1 helps solve common hand issues caused by cycling; numb hands, sore wrists, sore forearms, etc.  The GP1 is ideal for urban riders, commuters, and leisure cyclists of all ages.

  • German made rubber compound, latex free, UV stable.
  • Right and Left specific grips.
  • Forged aluminum clamps.
  • Available in 2 sizes.
  • Available in 3 shifter styles/configurations.

Online Grip and Size Selector

Offered in Small or Large, this is the thickness of the grip in hand.  The Small and Large are the same length and have the same wing size.  The only difference is the thickness of the grip in hand.  Riders with smaller hands are best to choose the Small size.  Riders with large hands are an ideal fit to the Large size. Ultimately, choice of size is a rider personal preference.

Standard: 2 full length grips
GripShift: 2 short grips
Nexus/Rohloff: 1 full length Left grip, 1 short Right grip

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Jarmila Gorman
By Far My Favorite Grips

Thank you for offering these grips in two sizes! The S fits my hands so well - we're talking all day comfort and options to put my hands facing any which way.

Malcolm Cooper
Great product

Well designed and well made

Rodolfo Tridapalli
Fit well

Ótimo produto com bom custo e benefício.

Great grips

Been using for 4 years now and will not go back to my old lock-ons.
I am guessing John has not opened the allen bolt all the way to get a secure clamp - you need to do that to seat the grip to the end of the handlebar. My bikes are single speed with carbon bars - no issue with slippage - I too was worried about a single locking screw versus 2 as in my ODI Rogue grips - truly a non issue. Cheers
Like them so much have put a half dozen of my friends bikes (they do pay for them)

John Connolly
Need to change clamp

Love the ergonomics of these grips. Hate that the clamps tightening screws are on the outside of the grip/handlebar. C’mon, Ergon— put the clamps on the inside, or at worst in both locations so the grips don’t rotate under minimal pressure. One need not have an engineering degree to figure this out (and yes, I tightened them as much as possible and it still happened).