GP, GS and GC Plug Set

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Replacement right and left Ergon logo bar plugs.  Features the Ergon logo in a vibrant white color.  You have the choice of a plug set of the barend and non-barend models

  • Right and Left soft plastic bar plugs.
  • Sold as a set only.
  • Fits most handlebars.
  • Can be trimmed to fit various handlebar thicknesses.
  • Plug set for GP and GS grips with barends - fits GP2, GP3, GP4, GP5, GS2 and GS3 models only
  • Plug set for GP1, GC1 and GS1 grips - fits GP1, GC1, and GS1 only

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Steve Kornacki

Outstanding product. Dramatic reduction in hand pain, and tingling. BioKork material has a great feel to it.

James Shomberg
No flexable option.

Did not fit. Handlebars look incomplete.

John Freeman

Great products and timely shipping and service..thanks!

Robert Granell

I wrote you to tell you that I had three pairs of your grips but with the last pair that I was installing I apparently lost one of the end caps with the packaging. I asked that you simply send me one and To replace it and you told me to go online and buy it. Thanks

David Hultgren

GP, GS and GC Plug Set