SM E-Mountain Core Prime


The Core saddle for E-MTB riders. By its function principle the seating comfort is dramatically enhanced while your lower back is relieved. The rear ramp supports the rider better in steep up-hill-riding situations when seated and also improves your riding skills: To achieve the best possible traction your body weight needs to be transferred evenly onto the bike through the saddle, which is why the 3D-flexibility of the ergonomic core improves power transfer dramatically. To best prevent feelings of numbness and seating issues the new SM E-Mountain Core Prime saddles come in male and female specific versions, perfectly meeting the individual anatomic needs. Women typically ride with high pressure on the genital area, which is exactly where the specific relief channel does its job. In the male specific model the pronounced, rearward positioned relief channel provides maximum relief in the sensitive perineal area.

  • E-MTB specific saddle featuring Ergon core technology
  • Men and Women specific designs
  • 2 sizes available, based in rider sit bone width
  • Supporting rear ramp
  • Orthopedic Comfort Foam with OrthoCell® Inlays
  • Pronounced relief channel or cut-out
  • Pressure relief inlays
  • Nylon Composite Shell
  • Microfiber cover
  • CroMo rails
  • Starting at 300 grams
  • S/M: 9-12cm sitbone width
  • M/L: 12-16cm sitbone width
  • 220 lb recommended max rider weight limit
  • Unsure of your size? Find out here.