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The Comfort MTB saddle for Men. Based on the popularity and success of the SM Men saddle series comes an additional model, which is further refined for even more comfort! The orthopedic foam is thicker, softer and creates a large contact area. The SMC features a flat profile for dynamic sitting in different positions without tilting effects.

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  • Comfort MTB saddle for men
  • Saddle shell made of Nylon Composite
  • CroMo rails, 7x7
  • Microfiber cover
  • Orthopedic Comfort Foam
  • S/M fit sit-bone width of 9-12cm
  • M/L fits sit-bone width of 12-16cm
  • 260 lb recommended max rider weight limit

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
William Snyder
The only saddle I use

These saddles fit me perfectly. I wish I could have found them 20 years ago. Comfort, quality, and excellent durability what more could can you ask for?

Juan Valdez
Fast shipping, and even better product

Took this saddle out a few times now, and it is indeed comfy. No issues! Get you some Ergon!

Ergon SMC Men's MTB saddle

I am 5'8" 140 lbs., ride a size MED Pivot Mach 4. My previous saddle brand was Fi'zi:k. I do not know the model but I knew I wanted to try a different saddle to help reduce, maybe even eliminate my bum and anatomy numbness. Riding with a friend I asked if I could try out his new bicycle, which had a different saddle than mine. I was so pleased with the extra cushion on his saddle over mine that after arriving home I got online and looked for review on MTB saddles and found a number of favorable reviews on the Ergon saddles, visited their website, read their advertising, made my decision, and ordered the S/M option size saddle. 4 days from order date the saddle was at my door step. Installed the seat, next day went on a 7 mile ride. No soreness and numbness on that ride or the following rides. I hope it stays that way for a long time to come.

Mike Cherney
looking for long gravel ride comfort

Bingo ... this new saddle, the SMC by Ergon, is the real thing and also quite affordable ! The shape and padding feel just right to me ... relieving the pressure to the perineum zone and giving me ample support in various positions fore and aft. In my 36 years of cycling, I have tried so many saddles with each new one delivering some improvement. Now with the SMC, I'm getting a BIG jump on overal ride comfort and great sense of pressure relief to my butt contact over the entire ride. Wish I had this saddle many years ago !

Ron A.
Large Ergon seat.

Was a bit too wide. I'm sized at 143. I wonder what the width of this seat is... It would be helpful if that was listed on the Ergon site.

Hello Ron, thanks for your review.

Unlike select other brands in the bike industry, Ergon does not publish or promote overall saddle dimensions, as these numbers are not relevant and should not be used for sizing to or selecting an Ergon saddle. Overall saddle dimensions are not viable for sizing to an Ergon saddle as our sizing numbers only reference supportive spots in the saddle in relationship to rider bone structure.

With Ergon saddles, we size our saddles based on only 2 factors: intended use and center-to-center sit bone width. Once your sizing is determined, this is your size in all Ergon saddles. So, for example, if you measure M/L, this is your size in every single saddle we make.

Please use our online saddle selector:
The online tool is super quick and will identify the best saddle for your riding habits as well as body dimensions.