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The comfort MTB saddle for Men featuring Core and TwinShell technology. Based on the popularity and success of the SMC Men saddle series comes additional models featuring Ergon's Core and TwinShell technology! The patented Core design allows the saddle to effortlessly follow pelvic movements – enormously reducing pressure on the sit bones and genital area. The new SMC Core brings Core comfort to your favorite trails!

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  • Comfort MTB saddle for men
  • Saddle shell made of Nylon Composite
  • Core made of BASF Infinergy® (E-TPU/Closed Cell Particle Foam)
  • CroMo rails, 7x7
  • Microfiber cover
  • Orthopedic Comfort Foam
  • S/M fit sit-bone width of 9-12cm
  • M/L fits sit-bone width of 12-16cm
  • 260 lb recommended max rider weight limit
  • Uses: Comfort MTB, Comfort Trail, Bikepacking, Off-Road Touring, Gravel

"Ergon’s TwinShell Core design intent is noticeable, especially when riding a hardtail mountain bike, and could make a great saddle option for anyone looking to wean their way off of the chamois. Does it flex and shift as Ergon claims? It sure does!" -

Customer Reviews

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Dwayne Sharp
Nice seat

I have to say I finally found a comfortable mountain bike seat. I have a biking trip in September, so I will see how it feels on long rides for 4 days. Depending on how it goes I will be purchasing another one when I receive my other bike.

Jayson Andero
Excellent Saddle

Brilliant design and technology. I can actually feel the seat moving.
Very very comfortable and easy on the sit bones.

10\10 easily. I never got a verification that the saddle actually shipped, wasn't able to track it and got no response from Ergon through multiple and several different avenues. It showed up one day which was great 👍.

So.... Awesome product, not sure about the customer support though.

john kovach
Absolutely Love this Saddle

Not too soft, and not at all hard… subtly shifts with my pedaling movements as promised. No longer wearing chamois out on the trail… couldn’t be happier


I've never really had a saddle that fit me. Saddle sores were the norm for me on every past tour. I purchased this saddle (after measuring my sit bones to find the right size) and am currently about a month into a tour without any saddle sores. So ... A+ from me! As others have mentioned, check out the review on

Amazing MTB Saddel

This an amazing saddle. I have tried other Ergon saddle and could not find one that worked for me on long and short rides had to suffer with other brand saddles. Once I saw the video for this saddle I had to buy one and I couldn’t be happier. Great cushion and support even when not using a bib. Highly recommend.